Find Out The Top Secret Menu Items At KFC!

Surprise your taste buds with something new! Exploring restaurants’ secret menus is a great way to discover delicious treats you won’t find anywhere else. For fans of fried chicken, the KFC Secret Menu has loads of mouth-watering options perfect for families and foodies alike. Whether you’re looking to add a twist on an old favorite or try something completely new, this guide will show you all the best secret menu items available at KFC—so get ready for some deep-fried exploration!

KFC Secret Menu Image
KFC Secret Menu Image

KFC Secret Items List

These KFC secret menu and prices may be similar, but they may vary depends upon on your location and the time of day. To make sure you get exact pricing information. it’s best to double-check with your local KFC restaurant and to the official website. Moreover, Check out the KFC Menu Prices to know all the menu items.

Menu ItemPrice
Triple Down$7.99
Build-Your-Own Bowl$6.99
Hot Pocket Bowl$5.99
KFC Biscuits on the Side$1.49
Add Mashed Potatoes$3.99
Add Bacon$1.99
KFC Secret Items List Image

How To Place a KFC Online Order?

Placing a KFC online order is easy! Visit the official website or download their app for quick and convenient access. Select your preferred location, search through their expansive menu options, add them to your cart, and review the contents of your purchase. When you’re ready to make payment, proceed with checkout using any accepted forms of payment – either opt-in for delivery or pick up in person at one of their locations. You can choose among third-party apps of Uber Eats, Door Dash, or GrubHub for fast delivery.

KFC Most Popular Menu Categories


What types of catering options are available on KFC’s catering menu?

KFC’s catering menu provides an array of scrumptious choices for social events both intimate and grand, including Fried Chicken, Original Recipe Strips, Boneless Wings, as well as a range of sides and desserts.

Does KFC have any vegetarian options?

KFC is not only popular for its fried chicken but also offers Vegetarian Rice Bowl and Garden Salad as vegetarian options. It’s important to be aware that these items may be prepared in the same kitchen with meat products, so it would be wise to ask your local restaurant about their specific methods of preparation before ordering any dishes from them.


The KFC secret menu offers customers various unique and delicious items that will satisfy them. All you need to do is ask, and you will be rewarded with some of your favourite fried-chicken creations. With the options available throughout their secret menu, deciding which one best suits your cravings may take some time. But with so many bowl and sandwich concoctions, you can never go wrong. And if none of these mouthwatering treats makes your day, head over to the regular menu and have another go! Thanks for reading, and have fun exploring KFC’s secret menu!

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